Kathleen’s Caseta

05.10.10 - Oil on Canvas 38”h x 46”w “View from Kathleen’s Casita”

I went to Kathleen Cassidy’s Casita that is 4 miles out on Rogerville Road. We are talking 4 miles of road that would be best travelled in a tank. I made many many attempts to paint there small but was not successful. This was painted in the studio and there will be more from this site.

05.07.10 - Oil on Canvas 38”h x 46”w

04.01.10 - Oil on Canvas 16”h x 26”w

This is the smallest painting I have ever done. I have tried and tried to get small but I can’t do it. There is no life in it.

03.24.10 - Oil on Canvas 46”h x 44”w

I saw this cloud on the way back from Santa Fe and stopped at Range West Gallery to drop off some drawings. I described this to Kathleen Casey and she was giving me the deer in the headlights look, probably because I wasn’t describing it very well. Anyway, I went to the studio and started to work on it. I LOVE the cloud and apologize that the texture is lost here.

03.15.10 - Oil on Canvas 38”h x 44”w

This painting has some real rocks attached to it. I was taking a break, looking at the rocks on the ground and thought I’d attach some to the painting, so I did. At first I thought it would be a little arty crafty hooky but it turned out ok. There is a huge coal deposit on the side of a hill here where the movie “The man who fell to earth” was filmed. I’ve wanted to paint it for some time now and I will use actual coal dust in the painting… I’m waiting for the vegetation on the hill to turn spring color which will make a nice contrast with the coal black.

Back room - again, the light is not this hot…